Just Fruit – Our Favorite Convenient Snack

This post is sponsored by Wyman’s. All opinions are my own.

Wyman’s newest product, Just Fruit has become our favorite convenient snack. Made with simple, real ingredients, it’s the newest sweet snack sensation to hit the frozen fruit aisle!

There’s a new, bomb-ass snack in town that my family can’t get enough of. Meet Wyman’s Just Fruit, a collection of 4 frozen fruit cups everyone will love. Choose from 3 Greek Yogurt and 1 dairy-free flavors. The Greek Yogurt Bites flavors include; Wild Blueberries, Wild Blueberries + Mango, and Raspberries + Strawberries.

The final flavor, which is mine and Lennon’s favorite, is the Wild Blueberries, Strawberries + Banana Bites. This flavor is dairy-free + vegan! My husband loves the Wild Blueberries + Greek Yogurt Bites best. Each flavor is delicious way to get more fruit into your (and your kids) daily diet! Plus, if you have any of the wild blueberry varieties, you’ll be getting 2x the amount of antioxidants as normal blueberries.

Why Just Fruit?

We’ve been buying Wyman’s products for a while now. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen just how quickly we go through their wild blueberries. The Just Fruit line is a genius, portable way to enjoy nature’s candy. We love that there aren’t any BS ingredients, and that Lennon loves them too. Personally, these have become a daily afternoon snack and pick me up. They are so refreshing!

Maine-based Wyman’s mission statement is simple: They want to help the world eat more fruit. Luckily for us, they make it even easier for us to do so. No peeling or prep involved with their Just Fruit products. Even once the temperatures cool down here in Texas, our freezer will still be stocked with Just Fruit. It’s truly a snack we’ll be enjoying year round.

Just Fruit is launching nationwide!

Check their store locator to find Just Fruit products near you!

Which flavor are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments below.

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